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Solitaire Mahjong Candy

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Enjoy a free candy mahjong game on mobile or Desktop PC. Match candies and lollipops to clear the board before you run out of time. The rules of mahjong solitaire remain clear. You can only pick a tile which has at least one side open, and is not covered by another tile. However, the scoring of the tile-matching  game matters if you are intended to achieve the top score. Please, take into account that Bonbon tiles are worth 5 pts, Biscuits  –  10 pts, Candies  –  15 pts. Chocolate, Donut and Lollipop tiles are progressively more scoring, and Ice Cream tiles has maximum worth. Anyways, try and match all Mahjong tiles. Enjoy the frolic soundtrack as you play the puzzle free online on your mobile device or large screen. Discover more free mahjong solitaire games for girls on