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Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

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Fancy multiplayer Bubble Shooter games online? Here you go! Welcome to a dragon Bubble Shooter arena and prove the best in 2x2 duels. Your aim is to gain a maximum score for your team before the timer expires. So get ready to shoot bubbles both accurately and quickly. Every dragon has its color, and will try to spoil the situation for you when you match that color. If the bubbles touch the bottom of the board, it will take time for you to respawn and continue gaining score and filling your fire meter. Once it’s full, you can shoot a fireball to burst all bubbles on its way. Just don’t try to ricochet it against the wall as you would do with a color bubble, or you will lose the fireball in vain. As you progress, you can unlock more skins and dragons with different skills. Play every day to collect your daily bonus coins and heart tokens and dominate the multiplayer Bubble Shooter arena free online!