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Block Magic Puzzle

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Do you enjoy inlay matching games? Then play the brainteaser and match blocks on the board in a free online 10x10 puzzle game. The brainteaser features 4 matching modes. In the Classic mode your aim is to place block shapes on the board and try to fill vertical or horizontal lines. The tetris shapes come three at a time. The game ends when you cannon fit the shapes on the board. The Advanced mode is practically the same puzzle, but with more intricate tetris blocks. In the Blast mode, bombs would appear randomly on the board, so that you have to match blocks and remove relevant lines before the countdown expires. The Timed mode makes you match blocks fast enough to fill the meter above the board. Finally, the Challenge mode of the brainteaser combines all the features for the ultimate block matching survival. Play the tetris-style game online no download on WellGames.