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Addiction Solitaire

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Free solitaire games online are extremely addicting, so much that it even needs a countdown to help you keep track of time. This time-limited patience is one of such free card games. The  rules are pretty simple. Your goal is to place the cards in ascending order by suit. Take notice of the 2-A marks for the sake of convenience. Once any 2 takes its place, the row is deemed assigned for the suit. So, think carefully before you do as it’s one of the key points which lets you win a game of solitaire. The rest of cards can be moved to a free cell to the right of the previous card of its suit.Thus, Jack of spades can be placed next to 10 of spades, and no card is placed after a King. 3 times during your game of patience you are free to shuffle the board. Can you make your patience solitaire free online in under 10 minutes? Find it out now!