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Pyramid Solitaire Blue

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While Pyramid Solitaire is one of the most popular card games online and offline, some gamers may be unfamiliar with the rules. Basically, as with any card patience game, your goal is to clear the board. The replacing rules of Pyramid Solitaire are as follows. You can pick pairs of cards, which values sum up to 13, e.g. 8+5 or 3+10. Thus, Queen goes along with Ace, Jack goes with 2, and King can be taken on its own. You can redeal the extra deck only once, so it takes both skill and luck to make Pyramid Solitaire. This version of the card game also allows you to undo your previous move, and to use a hint. It also features a variety of card back designs for you to customize the deck and enjoy this card solitaire game online to the most.