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Mahjong at Home: Scandinavian Winter Edition

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Enjoy a fun pair-matching gameplay featuring the iconic Nordic elegance. Play daily puzzles and unlock an additional mahjong solitaire if you want. Discover dozens of tile-matching puzzles grouped around different items of decor and furniture in your Scandinavian home. So, enjoy the classic desing of the mahjong tiles, the refined aesthetics of game backgrounds, and the relaxing pair-matching gameplay, altogether providing for an entertaining pastime. While you can see a timer atop of the board, you are welcome to solve your daily mahjong solitaire as long as you want. When you run out of matches, the mahjong tiles are shuffled automatically. Moreover, you have 3 hints per puzzle in case you cannot see the matching tiles. In a word, this daily mahjong solitaire online has all you might ever expect of the best free casual games for families online.