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Kings and Queens Solitaire Tripeaks

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If you feel like playing free solitaire games online, and tripeaks solitaire is your favourite type of patience games, then this new puzzle will catch your attention from the first level. It’s the classic higher or lower card game, so we won’t describe the rules of tripeaks solitaire game here. This game of patience has lots of features to appeal to the fans of the board game. It has easy and hard levels, multi-board levels, frozen cards and so much more. Bonus cards are added to your deck whenever you make a 4 cards streak. You can chose bonuses before the level start to solve solitaire boards easier. There is a daily draw with wonderful prizes. More beautiful backgrounds and game features are unlocked as you progress. That’s why we are sure, that this patience solitaire will soon  become one of your favourite free card games online.