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Hidden Objects Brain Teaser

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Enjoy the pure seek-and-find gameplay as you search for hidden objects online for free. Spot 5 items on every photo and try to complete as many hidden object scenes as possible before you run out of time. Good news is that you get extra time for every completed location. However, remember that more haste less speed. It means that the hidden object game has a time penalty for random clicking. Please, take it into account and be accurate as you find hidden objects in the pictures. As you play on, you will be prompted that the images can be moved and rescaled. Take advantage of this feature to explore hidden object scenes in detail. Please you the mouse wheel if you search for hidden items on desktop, or gestures, if you play free games on mobile. The casual game will appeal to to players who prefer pure Hidden Object gameplay and don't care for the storyline. Seek-and-find mechanics is also good for children. Thus, the hidden object game is sure to provee one of the best games for kids online available on WellGames.