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Gameloft Solitaire

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Enjoy a free TriPeaks Solitaire game in the mesmerizing Egypt setting. Your objective is to move all the cards from the bottom stacks to the top covering a higher or lower card. For example, 4 may cover 3 or 5. So if a card matches a few stacks, their priority goes from left to right. Take it into account as you try to make the free card solitaire game. As you play TriPeaks online, you will reveal different bonus cards on the board. For instance, play the Bomb card to remove up to five cards in its stack. The Arrow card removes top cards from all bottom stacks. The Hourglass gives you extra time to solve the patience Tripeaks. Finally, the Joker can be covered by any card. Thus, you should play Joker when you run out of options. Unlock additional mini-games as you progress. Enjoy the beautifully drawn Gods of Egypt as Kings and Queens. Set off on a breathtaking card solitaire journey to the Great Pyramids of Giza.