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Forty Thieves Solitaire

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If you are a fan of difficult solitaire games online, this patience promises to keep you engaged for a while. Also known as Big Forty and Napoleon at St Helena, this card solitaire game is notoriously challenging.

Your goal is to play all 104 cards to the eight foundations, building them up the suit from Ace to King. On the contrary, the cards in the 10 tableau stacks are build down the suit from King to Ace. Use the extra stack in the top left to deal the cards to the foundations or tableau stacks. Any card can be placed on an empty tableau space.

The online version of Forty Theves solitaire has 2 difficulty modes. In the Easy mode you may replace a sequense of cards of the same suit between the tableau stacks, and deal the extra  stack multiple times. In the Hard mode, which follow the original patience rules, only one card can be moved at a time, and the extra stack is dealt only once. So try your luck and show your skills in the challenging card solitaire game online for free.