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Canfield Solitaire

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Canfield is generally referred to as difficult solitaire games. We would recommend clicking the lightbulb button to learn how to play the card game before you start. Basically the rules of Canfield Solitaire are as follows. Your objective is to move all 52 cards onto the 4 piles in the top right. They are called foundations, and will only accept cards of a single suit. One of the foundations initially receives a random card, and the rest has to start with the same value. So, you have to go on and build the piles up the suit in the ascending order.

On the contrary, the 4 tableau piles are built in descending order with altering colors. To the left are 13 reserve cards, which are dealt automatically on an empty tableau pile. Finally, the top left are the rest of the cards, and you can recycle the deck without a limit. So, try your luck and skill in card solitaire games as you play Canfield Solitaire online for free.