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Bubble Block Breaker

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Mix up the elements of Bubble Shooter and Brick Breaker games and get a fun Bubble Breaker game online to play free on your device! Move the life buoy to bounce the ball and burst the bubbles on the board. Be ready that the ball alters colors whenever it touches the life buoy. Catch the falling power-ups to activate them for 30 seconds. For example, the Rainbow Bubble matches any color, the Fireball flies through the bubbles on the board instead of ricocheting. The enlarger makes the life buoy longer, making it easier to catch the bubble breaker. And, finally, the Triple Ball launches additional balls on the board.

The casual game features portrait orientation, and is apparently designed to play on mobile no download. However, it seems easier to control the life buoy with your mouse, instead of constantly swiping the mobile screen. Anyways, it's up to you how to play Bubble Shooter game online for free.