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Numberz! Free Online Game

Free online game Numberz! will bring you unlimited fun!

Numberz! is a learning puzzle game. The aim of the game is to clear the playfield making a necessary sum of numbers on neighboring tiles. You cannot match the tiles diagonally. If the sum is correct, the color of tiles will change. Change all the colored tiles to white to pass the level. Compete in a multiplayer mode and have fun! Play and don’t miss the chance and join our free online game community!
Numberz! Free Online Game Numberz! Free Online Game

Match 10

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Match 10 Free Online Game

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Las reglas de Match 10 son simples – junte las parejas de tejas para conseguir 10 en total. El número que haga será su puntuación. Haga girar el campo de juego para mezclar las tejas.

Por ejemplo: 7+3=10 (73 puntos), 4+0+2+1+3=10 (40213 puntos)
Relax mode – borre el campo y logre la puntuación máxima
Arcade mode – consiga la puntuación más alta en 60 segundos
PowerUp Best – determina las mejores parejas
PowerUp Mix – baraja las tejas para conseguir juntar parejas
PowerUp Hint – demuestra una pareja al azar en el campo

Match 10 Free Online Game Match 10 Free Online Game


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Sumz! Free Online Game

Discover a brand new online flash game Sumz!

You are welcome to try the spicy mix of puzzle games;)!
In this multiplayer puzzle math game your task is easy. Collect the necessary sum rotating the digits in the squares to clear the playfield from the spheres. The sum needed will change from the level to level.
It can be collected horizontally or vertically. Controls: right, left arrow keys - to move the figure; up, down arrow keys - to rotate digits; space – fast drop. Play right now!
Sumz! Free Online Game Sumz! Free Online Game