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Solitaire of Nostradamus - play free online flash game!

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Solitaire of Nostradamus

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Play Solitaire of Nostradamus free online!

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Are you interested in solving riddles and ancient mysteries? Does numerology and fortune-telling intrigue you? Have you ever dreamt to look into the future? Then don't hesitate to play this mystic puzzle game. Use the lost solitaire of Nostradamus and learn what is in store for the humanity.

The rules are easy to comprehend. Face eight columns of figures with digits 0 – 9 written randomly in each. Remove pairs of neighboring digits which differ in one (e.g. 2 and 3, 8 and 7). The major of them makes the tens, the minor is taken as units. These two-digit numbers are summed up to an important year in the human history. When no possible variants are left on the field, you receive the Chance of Ages. It is a possibility to remove any pair of subsequent numbers on the field. It is given only once, so choose wisely.

Make you way into the future and share your results with Facebook friends. Be sure to visit Nostradamus 2012 Community if you are interested in fortune-telling and ancient mysteries.

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Dive into the unknown, use the Solitaire of Nostradamus to look back into the past and witness the future.

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