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Epic Blast

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Try a new brainteaser in the collection of the free Match-3 games online. Ascend the Mount Olympus and meet the god of thunder himself. Please the gods by gathering and bringing them golden cups, war helmets and majestic temples. As in many free Match-3 games online, you have to achieve the level goal before you run out of moves. If you manage in less moves, take advantage of the Epic Mode and continue tile-matching to gain greater score. Otherwise, watch a short video to get extra turns. Gaps in the puzzle board prove a big challenge even for the true pros in Match-3 games online. Thus, try to make Thunderbolts on the puzzle board to help you complete each brainteaser. Align 5 tiles to get a rainbow booster, or create a Line Blast by matching 4 tiles in a row. The boosters don't trigger a chain reaction unless you combine them, and are not activated automatically after you run out of moves. So, take it into account as you solve Match-3 puzzles online. Enjoy free games without download on PC or mobile devices.