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Arkadium's Codeword

ستبدأ اللعبة بعد الإعلان

Endeavour a new daily word game. Solve crosswords without routine definitions to every word, but decipher them letter by letter. Click a numerated cell to see where the same number is used on the grid. Vowels are used more frequently, thus it makes sense to first figure out which numbers stand for A, O and E. Among consonants, S, T and L are often doubled, which might also give you a clue to solve word puzzles. After you select a letter on the right, it is filled in automatically throughout the grid. Click the ticked sheet icon to check your guess on any letter. Or, use the Eye booster to fill in a cell if you are confused.

What’s good about this brain-teaser, is that it’s utterly replayable. Play new crosswords daily free online and improve your logic skills or English vocabulary, in case you are not a native. Try out free other word games without download!