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Over the years, Original Rummikub has been titled the best board game in many countries. Now it's time to play Rummikub free online against real players or AI. The basic goal of the tile-matching game is to create melds of number tiles in your hand. You get 14 tiles at the game start, and have to create groups or runs on your turn. A group is a combination of three or four tiles with the same face value, but of different color, such as blue 8 + red 8 + back 8. A run is a sequence of numbers of the same color, e.g. red 2, 3, 4 and 5. On your turn, you get a tile and have to create melts using the tiles on the table, and the initial has to score at least 30 points. This online board game requires matching and strategy skills, and is fun for kids and adults to play.