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Mahjongg Toy Chest

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Play a unique mahjong solitaire online for free. What’s special about this version of shanghai puzzle? This tile-matching game has a few innovative features. There are  four suits of tiles, and a few special ones. Ordinary tiles are split into Dolls, Fragile Toys, Books and Shapes. Hover a tile to see it’s suit and value. Guitars and Presents are special items which shuffle the board. You are also welcome to use a hint in case you can’t find matching pairs of toys.  Switch to 2D view if you find it easier than isometric.

You earn achievements for matching a few pairs of the same suit in a row, or picking 4 identical mahjong tiles, or disassembling a tower, or quick matching, or… Well, there are plenty of options to win a trophy. Can you find them all in this fun kids game online?