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Tripeakz! Free Online Game Tripeakz! Free Online Game

Black Jack Puzzle

Black Jack Puzzle Free Online Game

Challenge your puzzle solving skills in a Black Jack solitaire!

Black Jack is one of the most popular card games weather online or in a real casino. Though WellGames doesn't support gambling, so you can play it free. In this puzzle game your objective is to make a chain of cards to bring the total value to 21. You have only 2 minutes at the start, but extra time is added for successful combinations. Try to use only cards of one color or one suit to receive bonus score. Shuffle button is helpful for obtaining new combinations on the play field, but you are limited iin using it. As Black Jack is a multiplayer game, you can take the advantage and raise you rank getting larger score than your opponent. So, taste a new twist on the famous board game with Black Jack Puzzle!
Black Jack Puzzle Free Online Game Black Jack Puzzle Free Online Game


Dicez! Free Online Game


哈哈哈!!!亲爱的小资朋友们,抓住机会Dicez!变身大富翁喽!游戏中需要按照屏幕左侧的要求掷出不同的点数组合,从而赢得相应数额的金钱,每局有三次掷骰子的机会,掷出需要的点数后可以将该骰子保留,如果最终仍没掷出要求的组合,请点击“机会”(chance)重新开始,直到掷出所有组合完成游戏,赚钱最多的玩家就是胜利者啦! 对了,时刻注意对手的动向,一定要抢到更多钱啊!
Dicez! Free Online Game Dicez! Free Online Game