Play online the free multiplayer game!
Tangramz! Free Online Game

Become a real mosaic puzzle expert with a new fun online game Tangramz!

Enjoy it in your spare time for free and master your logic skills.
This puzzle presents you a great idea, which is built on the ancient Chinese learning game.
Your task is to make up a figure from variously shaped pieces. Take the pieces from the line below and put them to the pattern in order to fill it in. The amount of pieces is limited, so you need to find the right place for each part. Remember that the figures must not intersect each other. Meet new great patterns every level. Play free online, compete in a multiplayer mode and have fun!
Tangramz! Free Online Game Tangramz! Free Online Game


Play online the free multiplayer game!
Blockz! Free Online Game

Blockz! is a multiplayer version of famous puzzle game.

In this online puzzle game you may choose either Classic or Extension mode, and the shapes of the figures you want to play. Rotating and moving figures place them into a line that has no empty spaces. It will make this line disappear. You have to break certain amount of lines to pass the level. Play online puzzle and enjoy this classic game in a brand-new style!
Controls: right, left - to move figures; up - to rotate; down - slow drop; space - fast drop.
Blockz! Free Online Game Blockz! Free Online Game