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Play classic 2048 free online game!

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2048 classic

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Play 2048 free online in its classic look and feel!

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli became an instant hit. The young Italian developer has devised the best casual games formula. It combined addicting gameplay, clear objective and easy controls. What can be simpler then shifting the tiles up and down, left and right, in the attempt to keep the board empty. And, yes, trying to get 2048.

Since the release, this free online puzzle game has acquired lots of derivatives and clones. Some brain-teasers featured modified board, i.e. triangular or hexagonal, others let you collect higher numbers. Many flash games changed numbers for images, or chose vivid colors. Nonetheless, the original 2048 game with its moderate color scheme and recognized style is still popular. Thus, if you if you prefer classic board games, you will love this free online number puzzle.

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Enjoy the classic look and feel of the hit number game. Play the original 2048 game free online and try to set up a record.

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