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Play Rats and Spears and earn trophies in a fun sports game online!

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Rats and Spears

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Rats and Spears flash game announces the amateur Olympic games

Join the race for records and become a champion in this fun skill game. Javelin throwing is as difficult as clicking 3 times – to make the rat start running, raise its spear and finally throw it. Each throw is estimated in terms of distance, maximum height, speed, time, collected coins and hit targets. The score is converted to money earned for further updates.

As soon as you scrap up 30 cheese coins you get an opportunity to control the spear. Move the level up to accelerate and take advantage of various boosts during the flight. Earn multiple achievements, take photos as you travel the world and pave your way to fame in this exciting free arcade game.

Keyboard controls:
LEFT ARROW – pull the lever up
RIGHT ARROW – pull the lever down
SPACE – push the engine button
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Games at Wellgames.com - Rats and Spears Rats and Spears

Join an inventive rat on its quest to become the world champion in this cool online sports game. Collect coins and discover multiple upgrades.

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