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Play FREE match 10 puzzle game online!

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Match 10 Saga

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Play this free online puzzle game and become a Math Guru!

In this free flash game you are are to match chains of digits to get 10 in total. Two points are taken into account – the highest digit in the chain and its length. The digits are substituted with the largest number in the chain, and multiplied. Thus, the longer chain you make, the higher score is gained. For example: 7+3=10 and 1+2+1+4+2=10. However the first chain gives you 7*7=49 point, while the second 4*4*4*4*4=1024. And the longest chain possible brings minimal score, because 1 raised to the 10th power is still 1. So, develop your strategy and prove a puzzler in this online matching game.
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Display true number logics. Develop your strategy as you match numbers to break a record in this free online puzzle game.

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